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"I've been working with Edwin Ugorowski for 2 decades and over a dozen custom home projects. His designs are practical, well thought out and some I dare say magical. Some firms create nice drawings that are a nightmare to build. After building multiple design from his office, I would only consider Design Partnership for my own house, which we are collaborating on currently. Edwin implements ideas onto paper quickly with the knowledge only many years of experience can bring. Design Partnership is easy to work with, has reasonable fees, and meets my deadlines." 

- Contractor & client 2000 to 2020 (June 2020 recommendation)


"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Design Partnership, Inc, specifically with Ed Ugorowski. Ed was very professional as well as attentive to our desires in what we wanted in our design. He actually listened and easily incorporated all of our "must haves" into the end result. My daughter loved the work done on our home and has enlisted Ed in the design of her own home in Big Sky. We will be using Ed again for the second home we plan on building in Big Sky. In our opinion, Design Partnership, Inc. is the best in the area. I would highly recommend Design Partnership, Inc. to anyone that would love a forever home that is truly amazing!" - Client 2015 to 2018 (June 2020 recommendation)

"I can't say enough good things about our architect Ed Ugorowski. He has made our dream home possible. His intellect and ability to incorporate the client’s wishes really makes for unparalleled work. He is patient, gives great feedback and is extremely passionate about his work. We have enjoyed working with Ed on our project and would recommend his talent of architecture to anyone." - Client 2017 to present (June 2020 recommendation)

"About 16 months ago, while in the middle of a home design in California with another architect, I became frustrated that the other firm was not getting my "vibe" for the end result. The home placement and floor plan were almost perfect. However, I really wanted it to feel more organic and integrated with the land. After some research on-line, I found pictures of work Ed had completed in the past and liked what he had done. After a call to Ed and a subsequent conversation, I engaged him to "refine" the feel of the home. With only minor changes to the overall design, he vastly improved the home's look and feel. He totally understood what I was driving to achieve (without ever meeting me in person...), approached the project with creativity and thoughtfulness (even though there were severe limitations on where he could go - the floor plan, house location and relationship of structures were set and not changeable) and was totally open to a rather unique role on this job. Further, he was highly sensitive to the situation and provided his feedback in a manner which did not alienate the project architect (who are terrific and I wanted to keep engaged on the project) and ended up becoming a valuable resource to the entire project team. Even after his work was complete, Ed has remained engaged in our project, offering some input when needed. I cannot say enough good things about Ed and hope to both meet him and show him his work some day. Rest assured that if Ed can do what was required on this job all the way from Montana, he can do ANYTHING!"

- Client 2019 to 2020  (June 2020 recommendation)


"Ed Ugorowski/ Design Partnership designed my wife’s and my home in the Bridger Mountains of Montana. Ed was easy to work with, incredibly creative and his plans were incredibly accurate for the builder.  Our home has been published in several notable magazines. I can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Ed"

- Client 2011 to 2018 (June 2020 recommendation)

"Design Partnership is the architectural firm of Ed Ugorowski. Ed is a very talented architect with who I have done several projects. My primary home was designed by Ed. I loved the process, which was highly collaborative. Also have had design log and rock base cabins for my rover property. Ed also excellent at small designs, like a wrap around deck and awning. I really have enjoyed working with Design Partnership and Ed Ugorowski" - Client 2009 to 2018 (June 2020 recommendation)

"I want to thank you for the wonderful design you created for our vacation home. The home has turned out better than our wildest dreams.” –client


“I would highly recommend using Edwin/Design Partnership for any architectural services both as an instructional consultant and as an architect for site planning, residential design, and detailed construction documents.” –developer



“Edwin’s construction documents illustrated an in-depth knowledge of construction means and methods I’ve simply not encountered in my over 25 years of experience.” –contractor



“Edwin is passionate about architecture and possesses a thorough understanding of design and construction.” –architect



“While remodeling can be a difficult process, the creativity and detailing you exhibited throughout the design portion are a tribute to your skill as an architect. We are very excited to see the project built, experience the views and livability of our “new” home.” –client



“Your flexibility in incorporating our “last minute” ideas was also very gracious and much appreciated and you worked seamlessly with our contractor to ensure no detail was overlooked.” –client



“Edwin created several unique designs that were not only aesthetic, but efficient in both plan and cost. He always took into consideration the way that the views and topography worked together with his designs, was always open to input from others and would quickly implement whatever changes were needed.” –developer



“The final design appears not as a remodeled home, but as though it were built at one time.” –client



“My investment partner and I want to thank you for the wonderful design you created for the remodel to our vacation home in Big Sky, Montana. The design has turned out better than we had envisioned. Not only did you incorporate the immediate requirements into the design, but you also added very well thought-out solutions for our future needs.” –client



“We think of you every time we look with wonderment at the wonderful home you designed for us.” –client


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